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CyberCity3D Downtowns

CyberCity 3D brings unique and significant value to Business Improvement Districts, Chambers of Commerce, and other local advocates through its unique combination of software, 3D modeling and IoT resources.

Working with "BIDs"

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), also known by various other names, are self-taxing areas established by property owners to boost the economic vitality of a specific commercial zone. Collected taxes fund projects to improve the area managed by the BID.

Property owners invest in enhancing their surroundings to attract businesses and residents, so BID members are encouraged to participate in project decision-making. Besides new projects, BIDs sometimes maintain public spaces and enhance the district's overall aesthetic.

What CyberCity3D Can Do for Your BID

CyberCity 3D buildings and cloud maps, now integrated with Google Maps APIs, enhance BID planning and visualization, improving infrastructure and aesthetic decisions. They aid in navigation, boosting foot traffic by helping visitors find businesses and amenities. Location-based data offers insights into visitor patterns, optimizing resource allocation and public amenity installations.

Interactive 3D maps provided by CyberCity 3D and Nextspace support marketing, attract tourists, and engage the community for feedback on projects. Efficient resource management ensures cleaner, safer environments. Overall, these tools drive economic vitality and growth by enhancing planning, navigation, data analysis, marketing, and community involvement.

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