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CyberCity 3D Buildings -

Part of your Digital Twins Program

A Digital Twin is a 3D virtual model that is the identical match, or “twin,” of a physical object in the real world. CyberCity 3D Digital Twins can be virtual replicas of anything from a single building to an entire city mapped in 3D.  Digital Twins can help visualize projects and maintain them. In addition, they can be updated in real time.  CyberCity 3D Digital Twins can showcase projects and facilitate decision-making for municipal governments, engineers, architects, and commercial real estate agencies. If you’re committed to building a Digital Twin group of buildings or a city, contact CyberCity 3D.  We can make your dream a reality.


High-Resolution 3D Models

Showcase your projects virtually with our state-of-the-art buildings.  CyberCity 3D GIS models are second to none, offering up to six-inch accuracy and a host of smart data attributes (metadata), which prove invaluable to the planning and assessment of projects.  There’s more:  We deliver our buildings in all popular commercial 3D file formats for use in a number of platforms and applications.  Seamlessly integrate our models with your existing software and data for unlimited planning, analytics, and design.

Our technology enables the 3D generation of nearly any city in the world. Click the button below to check out our our 3D Library for direct purchasing, subscription, or streaming. 


Textured 3D Buildings

Textured models bring another layer of virtual reality to your project, breathing life into buildings, neighborhoods, or a city by exhibiting an even higher level of 3D detail.  Textured models portray virtual buildings in photo-realistic quality, making it easier for stakeholders to “see” your project as a completed vision.  Adding specific structures as textured buildings into a surrounding environment of high-quality gray 3D buildings can make your project “pop” even more.  If your project and visualization software are compatible with 3D models, CyberCity 3D can create this magic for you.

Textured Cambridge 3D Buildings in Pro.jpg

Imagery Collection

Data Processing

Output Models


New Production

If you don’t see what you need in our 3D Library, CyberCity 3D can build a new 3D city or area for you to your specifications.  We start by using stereo images, then collect the point clouds, and generate the 3D model.  We finally edit and export the model from our native format, add data attributes. and deploy the model for a number of commercial uses.


Our Library

Over 130 Cities

Over 1,700,000 Buildings

Over 2,000 sq km Coverage

Our technology enables the 3D generation of nearly any city in the world. Check out our global 3D Library for direct purchasing, subscription, or streaming. 

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