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The Metaverse

A New Frontier


Fully Immersive

The metaverse integrates a variety of technologies including virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D visualization—into current and future digital platforms. Those platforms focus on users’ activities in the digital world, for work, social, gaming, or other immersive life experiences.  This array of fast-evolving digital spaces and experiences allow users to engage in more realistic and immersive participation.


CyberCity 3D Expertise

What does this mean to 3D companies, like CyberCity 3D, and those who utilize our 3D models? We are one of the companies building the infrastructure to create more realistic virtual worlds—and integrating other technologies as well as work productivity platforms to enhance that experience.

Unprecedented Realism

How do our 3D models—which involve everything from a particular project to an entire city (or more) augment a metaverse?  We give the users a much more realistic, riveting involvement in the world they are creating or showcasing. CyberCity 3D’s high resolution 3D models created from stereo imagery are paired with a network of platform partners to bring new depth—whether it be textured buildings, rooftops, floor splits, streets, trees, etc. 

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