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Introducing CyberCity 3D Fusion™

Integrating CyberCity 3D buildings with Nextspace software and Google Maps API for better information and visual fidelity

Powerful Combination of Applications

CyberCity 3D provides high-fidelity 3D building models of urban areas worldwide, meticulously crafted for accuracy and realism. 

Nextspace software enables 3D visualization and analysis of cities. It supports digital twins, smart planning, and design simulations. Used by city planners, developers, and architects, Nextspace enhances urban livability and sustainability through informed decision-making.

Google 3D Maps API provides extensive geographic coverage and interactive 3D views of the world. Google’s features such as Street View, 3D terrain, and customizable markers enable immersive exploration and navigation of real-world locations.

CC3D Buildings Austin (2).png

CyberCity 3D LOD2.5 Measured Models of Austin, Texas

CyberCity 3D Fusion Models surfaced as transparent models for Reality Mesh Integration

Fusion™ integration of CyberCity 3D Models with Reality Mesh, showing smart data attributes and other model features

What Fusion Can Do for You

Together, CyberCity 3D buildings and Google 3D Maps API empower users with comprehensive tools for urban planning, architectural visualization, real estate development, and more. From assessing building heights and densities to simulating urban scenarios, the combined capabilities can inform decision-making and enhance our understanding of complex urban environments. 

Whether it's assessing the impact of new developments, optimizing transportation networks, or creating immersive digital experiences, this synergy offers endless possibilities for urban professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts alike.

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