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The Future of Smart 3D Mapping & Planning

Leading Producer of 3D City Models and Digital Twins

Authorized Reseller

Our city models are perfect for use in smart cities presentations, streaming maps, building analytics and for contextual environmental needs.

Get high-quality 3D digital building models from our extensive library. 

Custom 3D modeling services also available.

Superior 3D Tech

What's at the core of our technology?

CyberCity 3D's patented 3D modeling software. We generate our high resolution building models from stereo imagery that can be exported into virtually all leading 3D formats. Don't settle for low detail, inaccurate 3D models.  CyberCity 3D buildings are loaded with precise measurements with room for custom info that can be tailored to your project.

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Compatibility is Key

CyberCity 3D data works with major 3D platforms.  Not only that, we deliver our buildings in your choice of 3D file formats including Collada, Geodatabase, Shapefile, .dxf, .kml, .skp, .fbx & .obj.  Seamlessly integrate CyberCity 3D models with your software and data for unlimited planning and design.


The wider the net, the broader your reach: that's the beauty of our browser-based mapping solutions!  View our Streaming 3D Maps on tablets, phones, desktops and laptops.  Extensive access to the tools you need to communicate effectively -- in vivid, accurate 3D.

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Highest 3D ROI

Gain huge value at the lowest cost!  From urban planning to flood risk mitigation, our clients find multiple ways to maximize our 3D data to boost their projects.  Leveraging open source software and your existing data, we can jump-start your city in 3D for under $5,000.


CyberCity 3D, Inc. headquartered in Redondo Beach, CA, offers top-shelf 3D digital city models in a large variety of formats for government, planning agencies, architects, commercial real estate, and more.  Whether you need building footprints, basic 3D models, 3D digital twins, textured models, or “smart” cities, we can provide them quickly, affordably, and accurately. Our Library contains 130 plus off-the-shelf cities, but we also provide stellar new production to meet your specific needs.  The Company’s principals include CEO Kevin DeVito and CTO Peter Ding.

About Our Company

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